Weird Firefox Behaviour

June 4, 2006

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Has anyone lost their file download with firefox? It happened to me. I spent two and a half hour downloading SUSE 10.1 DVD and now it has disappeared into nowhere. According to me, its firefoxs fault. I am currently using

Here is the story. Today morning I decided to give SUSE 10.1 a try. So, I went to SUSE mirrors page and clicked the one which I felt would be good. But, I wasnt impressed with the speed so I tried another. Now, the download from the first mirror had already begun before I clicked the latter mirror. I cancelled the download but firefox was too reluctant to cancel it, it was sort of stuck. I went ahead and clicked the *same* filename on different mirror. Luckily the speed settled at 600 Kbps and file downloaded happily. I left the file there to burn to a dvd when I come back in the evening.

In the evening, I came back from work. Checked email and downloaded some attachments. While downloading attachment I saw the former SUSE download still happening but stuck at the same point, with the Cancel and Pause options available. I cancelled it again, this time successfully. Just after that, my sweet SUSE DVD disappeared.

Most probably, firefox removed the downloaded file when I pressed cancel assuming it to be the same file.

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