Hello People!

March 6, 2006

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So you reached my blog somehow, Most welcome. Just for your knowledge this is my first post in my first ever blog. Blog. What the heck is that I thought, when I was 15 years of age. I used to look around for free web space to publish my little websites I created for myself. Then I came across Rediff but unfortunately it offered me blog system only, No please, I need some space to show my own creativity not your ready made templates. But now I finally decided to go with wordpress.

Why this blog? uumm, because everyone has one why not me too. Actually the main idea behind this blog is to post my ideas related to web designing and other computer stuff. I hope this blog will help me improve my english writting and vocabulary.

Thats all for now. Keep visiting or may be bookmark me for I will be updating this blog with content of some or much interest to you.

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