Black (2005) ≈ The Miracle Worker (1962)

March 24, 2006

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I just finished watching Black (2005-Bollywood movie). I know it is an-year old but after hearing a lot about it, I finally decided to watch it. The acting by the leading characters is amazing and astounding, especially by little Ayesha Kapur. If you havnt watched the movie, you are missing something, thats what Id say. Its all about the enlightenment.

I usally, after watching a movie; search for reviews of the people on IMDb. I just want to know what others opinion is about the movie. After a little reading I found out that Black is pretty much copy of The Miracle Worker. Now the interesting part: Miracle Worker I never knew was all about that. Just before the spring break, I, actually we created a website for the play coming up this April in our school auditorium. And guess what the play is about The Miracle Worker. Wow I never bothered about knowing what this play was about. All in the mind was - let the project be finished. Watch out North Delta Secondarys website for The Miracle Worker in April.

I would like to see your comments if you have watched either of the movies.

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